Alaska Adventure on your list? YOU WILL LIKE THIS!

Most people would not think of visiting Alaska in early May, I found this was a great time to travel since Alaska was awakening. The mountains were snow capped, yet lots of sun, comfortable temperatures and zero crowds. Bears, whales, and other wildlife were plentiful. 

I had an opportunity for a travel advisor experience (#studytour) with UnCruise. If you are not familiar with Uncruise, they are a great little adventure cruise line based out of Seattle, Washington. They own nine small ships that carry from 22 to 90 guest, the smaller size means you are getting exclusive access to many areas larger ships cannot enter.  

Everything is included from delicious customized meals, tours, equipment, and beverages- including top-shelf spirits. The only out of pocket cost is to tip the crew.  The owner also gave every guest a personalized tour of Juneau.

Most of our crew were around thirty, from the USA, VERY knowledgeable, fun, and there whenever we needed anything. 

The Uncruise ships do not have a dedicated itinerary, so if there is a report of whales or bears you go to that area to have that experience. Daily hikes were offered into wooded forest rarely explored. Zodiac boat tours were available which allowed more area to be covered and the opportunity to see glacial caving and wildlife up close and personal.  

We had a 13-year-old traveling with his grandfather, they had a fabulous time and participated in the Polar Bear plunge, which was jumping into the freezing water off the top of the boat. Lot of fun to watch, but no way would I participate. We also had guests who were older and on oxygen, but still able to kayak because of the easy access platforms for the kayaks. 

The kayaks were so much fun because sea lions were popping up all around us.

Our cruise had a bear expert offering entertaining and educational lectures. We also had a national park ranger that was available to ask questions or would give evening talks.  

Uncruise also offers cruises on the Columbia and Snake rivers, Pacific Northwest, Hawaiian Islands (very unique itinerary no other company can offer,) Mexico’s Sea of Cortes (swim with the whale sharks,) Costa Rica / Panama, and Galapagos. Our ship was not luxurious, but the experience was fantastic – I would go again tomorrow! 

If you have an adventurous spirit, this is something that should not be missed. If you would like more information on Uncruise, or Alaska, please contact Rhonda.